Selected articles

On the roiled linen (subscription view)
Times Literary Supplement, 29/5/15

Traces of the holy
Times Literary Supplement, 10/4/15

Buxom brilliance (subscription view)
Times Literary Supplement, 4/3/15

Shit Happens (in Russian)
Colta, 5/3/14

Zhivoi Trup Kherst (in Russian)
Snob, 17/4/12

Relics of Freedom (not online)
Index on Censorship, 2011

Eto ne vsegda bolno (in Russian)
Artkhronika, 1/6/11

The Dick of the Matter
Artnet, 29/4/11

Shut the Duck Up
Index on Censorship, 2008

Books (Amazon links)

Socialist Realisms: Great Soviet Painting 1920-1970
Skira, 2012 (editor, contributor)

Ilya Tabenkin
GTsSi/IZO LImited, 2005

Socialist Realist Painting
Yale UP, 1998

A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters 1900-1980s
Izomar, 1998

Art of the Soviets: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in a One-Party State, 1917-1992
Manchester UP, 1993 (editor, contributor)

Art Under Stalin
Phaidon Press, 1991

Contemporary Russian Art
Phaidon Press, 1989